Business Electricity Prices Comparison

We will arrange all the wiring and directing of your solar panels for you.


We will happily spread the cost of the solar panels over ten years for you so they will pay for themseleves..

Homeowner Info

Your need to be the homeowner or have permission from the landlord to put up solar panels..

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Solar will run everything in your house make it your first step to financial freedom.

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Business Electricity Prices Comparison At Electricoak our speciality is solar energy supply and generation. From installation of those pesky solar panels to the arranging the feed in tariff into the energy grid.

We have been around in the solar energy since the green energy boom many many years ago. Please contact us and we will arrange a free of charge apprasil for you and anyone you recommend.


Plug into the sun!

Maybe you've had the moment i had a few years ago! maybe your sick of paying crazy rates for you business and residental electric consumption. Well whatever you reason was for coming here your be glad you did, time to plug your house and business into the power of the sun.

Can you see the sun from your house or business?? if so you can plug into that and even start to earn a living from it today.