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We are experts in forming strategic alliances. We are fair, honest, and understand the give-to-get concept. It must be a two-way street and profitable for both entities.

With this, we love allying with technology firms to either revenue share or purchase their ongoing website hosting contracts. We get it, website hosting for instance on your old vm in Linux, or using IIS on a server serving other functions - it takes up your time, and makes you no money. Why not let Electric Oak handle it for you as we've done many times over. We too started out as a technology provider only to find that our clients needed hosting as well. And it worked for awhile, but today's websites are demanding, must have five nines plus up-time and constant care and attention. Besides, you don't have a programmer or designer on staff. Let us help.

We also love strategic alliances with marketing agencies. You do the pretty front-end stuff, let us handle the ugly back-end. We'll setup the site, usually WordPress, take your design and migrate and setup the site, and we'll manage the rest of it for you.

Whether it's revenue sharing and we pay you a monthly residual, or we buy your current slate of hosting, or you still bill your client, keeping that relationship, and we'll invoice you for your client sites. We can host flat HTML sites, Joomla, and other php-based CMS sites, but like WordPress - and we're really really good at it. Responsive. Maintaining. Fast.

Start today, get rid of a headache or two and call us at 314-343-1040 to start talking strategy!

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Mission & Vision​

Our mission is to assist our clients with digital marketing and technology services that meet their timeline, business goals and budget. 

Our vision is to make any digital marketing or technology goal accessible and convenient for anyone with a brand new idea, a new business or a current business, while simultaneously driving revenues for our clients.

Join us as we walk beside you through determining the next right step for your company in the marketing and IT arena.

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