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It can be difficult to know where to begin to create a sense of individuality for your company. How do current and prospective clients know who I am and why my business model creates long-term clients and solid, forward-thinking responsiveness to customer needs and desires? Why is my business any different than the one down the street? 

At Electric Oak, we'll create the environment for you to bring your business goals into alignment with your target market. The nexus of all marketing and technology efforts must coincide with the heart of what you do, anything else is just a distraction and will not lead to the synchrony of the business symphony you seek.

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Our Clients Are Our Most Valuable Resource

Latest Reviews​

You were hands down MVP this year!


Thanks for all your help.  I’m so glad the Chris recommended you. It looks like we made the right decision.


I'm LOVING what you've done, Eric & Kathryn!!  Such a fresh new look.


I just took a quick peek, it looks great!


Thank you so much for taking care of my friends this morning, they were over the moon ecstatic with your help and you were a jewel to talk to and on their way to getting their website the way they needed it.



Strategic Alliances

We love allying with technology firms to either revenue share or purchase their ongoing website hosting contracts. We get it, website hosting for instance on your old vm in Linux, or using IIS on a server serving other functions - it takes up your time, and makes you no money.

We too started out as a technology provider only to find that our clients needed hosting as well. It worked for awhile, but today's websites are demanding, must have five nines plus up-time and constant care and attention. Besides, you don't have a programmer or designer on staff - nor the time or energy to keep up with services that are distractions - Electric Oak specializes in this particular silo - let's create a solution for you.

Trusted Attention

Website Hosting and Maintenance

We're looking out for your site 24/7 with notifications and updates happening as soon as the vulnerabilities are identified.

Natural Design

Inherent Quality

Your website needs development that is easily navigable and aligned with your business strategy. Your clients demand quick and modern results without wading through endless, wasted content.

Congruency Throughout

Perpetual Solutions

Your marketing and IT solutions need to be organized and systematic in order to meet the growing demands of your business. One-offs and lingering issues no longer cut the mustard.

Worthy Exchange

Team Approach

Having a partner in your technology paradigm makes the journey all the more enjoyable. At Electric Oak, balancing the options is our specialty and while simultaneously rejecting useless fluff that doesn't bring value.

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