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should speak to the core of your business values.

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Determining why you need a website, what it should include and how to go about tackling such a project is our primary wheelhouse. We love to discuss your business needs and then see it come to life in a visual representation of your CORE VALUES and BUSINESS ACUMEN. You know your business like none other and we can take the raw materials and turn them into a refined, organized presentation of your business. 

In need of a refresh or a new site? It can be easy to breathe new life into your marketing agenda simply by giving your website a clean, more modern appearance. A few ideas to consider:

  • When is the last time you updated your website?
  • Are the photos and images dated and stale?
  • What about your SSL that is necessary for search engines to consider your enterprise legitimate, do you know if you have one and if it is updated?
  • What about why no one can find your website when they search for you, do you have the proper protocols in place for your website to be found?
  • Is your website hosted on some nameless, contactless platform that holds your website hostage?
  • Do you need e-commerce and don’t know where to begin?

At Electric Oak, we can walk you through all these steps and give you a blueprint of what you need to do and when – let’s get started. We'll let our work speak for itself...

just a few examples

of client potential in action...

four paws pet fence
ri-mor topsoil
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timeline, goals & budget

Mission & Vision​

Our mission is to assist our clients with digital marketing and technology services that meet their timeline, business goals and budget. 

Our vision is to make any digital marketing or technology goal accessible and convenient for anyone with a brand new idea, a new business or a current business, while simultaneously driving revenues for our clients.

Join us as we walk beside you through determining the next right step for your company in the marketing and IT arena.

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