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Who We Are​

We’d be lying if we said we never get calls from vendors searching for electric companies close to St. Louis. We are not, in fact, an electric company – so very sorry to disappoint if that is what you are seeking.

We are however, a blending of two very different personality types that make up our small, yet powerful company. Electric Oak is a marketing technology company that meets clients where they are in their technology journey, analyzes the need, formulates a plan, and executes on the top priorities of the day. All the while making future plans and implementing a graduated, slow and steady wins the race mentality of staying current while not breaking the bank.

Whether it’s marketing, IT, digital conundrums – you name it – we’ve done it and we know how to create solutions that address the ever-growing changes that technology presents. Best of all, we feel very strongly about being trusted. It is very important that you can trust us and our work, if we don’t know something, we’ll figure it out. If it’s not in our wheelhouse, we’ll tell you and recommend someone to help you.

Eric and Kathryn Thomas

Eric is the electricity that fires on all cylinders – seriously, you have no idea – when he is excited about technology – which is every day – watch out! While his extroverted demeanor will make anyone, anywhere feel comfortable in his presence, he is also fervently passionate about the web and technology. It may be rare to meet someone who always loves what they do – but Eric does, every day. He wakes up happy and excited about helping people and catapulting their desire to take their business to the next level and to fix things, get things in order, stay up to date with current trends and just do the next right thing. The next right thing – whatever that may be in your evolution as a business owner, Eric is the man to help you figure it out and find solutions to make it work!

If you havn’t figured it out by now, Kathryn is the oak. She is the conduit that allows the electricity at work to flow into a systematized, repeatable process. Every office needs someone who can hold the vessel sturdy while it waxes and wanes – just like any good business will do. Kathryn also loves assisting clients with marketing needs that showcase products and services in a simple, workable outline – with delivery and execution to client target markets. This comes with truly understanding client needs, listening to their stories, and creating solutions tailor-made to fit client requests – bespoke, turnkey solutions.

timeline, goals & budget

Mission & Vision​

Our mission is to assist our clients with digital marketing and technology services that meet their timeline, business goals and budget. 

Our vision is to make any digital marketing or technology goal accessible and convenient for anyone with a brand new idea, a new business or a current business, while simultaneously driving revenues for our clients.

Join us as we walk beside you through determining the next right step for your company in the marketing and IT arena.

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